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Lorrene Baum Davis' mother instilled in her a love of the ceramic arts  and her father introduced Baum-Davis to the ferrous metals by teaching her to weld and use a lathe at a young age. Because of them, she has a great love of the metals and clays. Those two media draw her into working with them because of their malleability and their permanence.Lorrene Davis

The clays, Art Clay and Polymer, enable her to produce organic forms with great textures and colors. The fused glass enables Baum-Davis to bring startling colors in to the meld.

Not only did she graduate from the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, she has been on their faculty. Lorrene is a Master Instructor Emeritus with Art Clay World USA. She travels to teach art workshops but most are held at her Sierra Foothills Studio in Placerville. With the clays as her art medium, she is able to have the work flow organically as well as geometrically. Both media allow this artist to continue to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

In 2007 Baum-Davis wrote an instruction book Setting Gemstones in Metal Clay. In addition she has written tutorial articles in Lapidary Journal (2004), Polymer CAFE' (2006), wrote two step-by-step chapters for a Kalmbach Publishing book Color in Metal Clay (2012) and has a tutorial in the Polymer Arts magazine on building a neck form for neckpiece making (2014). In addition, Lorrene was a featured speaker, teacher and demonstrator at the MCWC (The Metal Clay World Conferences) in the August 2007 conference in Las Vegas, the 2009 & 2011 MCWC outside Chicago and has won numerous awards, three of which were won in 2011.

Two of her many awards were by the California State Fair Fine Arts division.

See www.LorreneDavisDesigns.com   for her workshops, costs and dates.